Works & Artist

Tony Costin. Chaps, Sods and Fellowettes.

All works start with spontaneous scribbling or a random line with pen or pencil on bits of paper, tissue, or corner of a newspaper and are very rare on an organised sketchy notebook if it is one in hand. For that reason, the finished drawings end up in various minuscule forms, shapes and sizes.

On the same piece of paper, I build my characters, line by line. It is all in my hand and head. No two characters are identical. 

The first scribbles are the first lines sketched on paper that lead to the unpredictable characters. They are simple and reflexive lines without any theme, thoughts or preparations.
When I build my characters, I do not follow or get inspired by searching themes in my head or from external materials.
It is a reflexive act of my hand and mind - line after line - in what my mind sees at that moment by looking at the paper, and that has to go quickly straight on —without thinking much about it.

I can call myself the designer with the illogical half-brain turned artist.

My unconscious, much drift'ier half-brain started taking over when re-connected with my childhood school drawing sessions and began manifesting again in the only attention span.
Luckily, the very logical side of the brain remains functioning happily, aside from still doing its job.
It is the only existential foible surrendered by characters in their surreal faith.