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Buy prints 'in Collections'.
You can put together your own personalised collection at a convenient price by choosing different works for your project needs (ex: expositions, showrooms, galleries, interior design themes, etc).

Licensing our original works.

We are happy to see our works leaving the studio and making others' lives more colourful. And if they do, it makes ours too.
You can license our works as seen in our shop or work with us to develop your product using our works.
Let us know THE NAME and the Ref. Og. SOR000V00 of the work(s).
We will send you all the licensing information.


In particular, Chaps, Sods and Fellowettes characters have a unique string that runs through each of them and gives them the quirky, surreal originality and mind-wandering look, but at the same time, the way they are created makes them hard to be commissioned. It is the unintentional process through which they are born, as Tony Costin, the creator, tries to figure out the process himself:

" There is no intention or theme behind any work I do. These are purely intuitive and spontaneous, line by line, and what comes up at the end is out of my will and not even part of my intention to draw. Most of them are creating while I am putting on hold on the phone. A simple, spontaneous pen stroke or a scribble on a piece of paper, in the spare, lose mind-drifting moment, is all enough to pull me involuntarily through the character-building process by adding line after line."

However, we have the will to try it if you have a desired idea or a specific theme.
But before that, you have the choice of any of existed characters. We will let you know if it is free of any ownership or licensing and if and how it was ever used in any other way by us or anybody else.
What we can do is personalising - remixing - any existing work (character, illustration, poster, logo, pen on paper, digital, painting on canvas, etc.) if you want to use any of our existing characters in any way in your project.

We are open-minded in sharing our work.
Please don't hesitate to contact us regarding any of the cases above.

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